26 Marzo 2023

Before, it had been understood among the Chipayas one Chile was just good location to work

Before, it had been understood among the Chipayas one Chile was just good location to work

“What we that terrifies them is that on the lingering migration to help you Chile, the latest Chipayas manages to lose a feeling of who they really are, their term and you may traditions,” said Gilberto Pauwels, a Belgian anthropologist who is a specialist towards Uru culture. “It could be a great travesty if it were to occurs.”

Many Chipaya which go to Chile to operate in the course of time return to your community, a growing number of the male is placing off bet around.

The neighbors, the Aymara, wouldn’t allow Chipaya to return for the land it got immediately following entitled house, because the Aymara got paid highest taxes so you can The country of spain to possess liberties to the belongings, because Chipaya paid back lower fees to reside the water

“I found a Chipaya who has their property when you look at the Chile, his jeep, their mobile with his professionals, a lot of which are other Indian organizations and you will Chipaya,” Mr. Pauwels told you. “This really is a total improvement in attitude. “

Florencio Mamaniquespi, an excellent twenty eight-year-dated profession worker, asserted that he’d person accustomed to their regular travel across the brand new edging to focus but which he usually checked forward to returning domestic, although the guy usually do not state an equivalent for his members of the family.

“Lots of my pals you live more than here regular and you may they wish to move their own families since it is too difficult supposed forward and backward,” Mr. Mamaniquespi told you. “However, I let them know you have to endure it adversity so you’re able to look after our race.’ “

Now, they means a special lifestyle

The brand new Indians trace their dilemmas on the arrival of one’s Spaniards. Anthropologists state brand new Urus starred in Bolivia a large number of many years before the Christian day and age and long before brand new Aymara Indians, just who today make up the majority of Bolivia’s indigenous people.

The original Uru, who had been fishermen and you can candidates, lived to your drifting isles imperative link made of reeds on Lakes Titicaca, Poopo and you may Coipasa, where there clearly was plenty of creatures.

Their troubles first started in the event that ponds reach run dry as the from climate transform, within the time of the Spanish conquest, forcing the latest Chipaya onto dry land.

“Due to the fact Urus was indeed life to your liquids, the world altered significantly around her or him,” Mr. Pauwels said. “They had no liberties with the homes any further which is the reason why they are very poor today.”

The latest Chipaya, who once influenced new higher basic, was basically obligated to accept on thirteen,100 feet towards shores off River Coipasa, now a salt lake. Particular Chipaya transformed into brand new Aymara people to obtain specific house.

Mr. Pauwels asserted that an excellent census off 1580 showed that there are more 40,one hundred thousand Uru in your neighborhood, compared with on the step 3,000 today, out-of which the newest Chipayas be the cause of 2,000.

Several Uru nonetheless live on the latest drifting countries from inside the River Titicaca, the planet’s highest inland river on 12,five hundred ft over sea-level, together Bolivia’s edging with Peru. However they recognize that they look after which lifetime merely to focus tourists.

Today, the fresh new Chipaya still accept that its property was stolen from their store because of the Aymara, and they have petitioned government entities to get it straight back.

For the Bolivian Bodies, the fresh new Chipaya quandary arrives simultaneously if nation’s million Indians, exactly who account fully for over 70 percent of one’s inhabitants, are all demanding better rights and esteem, after centuries out-of overlook.

President Gonzalo Sanchez de- Lozada’s administration has actually undertaken a course so you’re able to assist, increasing Authorities investing about country side and, certainly most other steps, providing education during the Indian languages.

However the Bodies is tough pushed to find the money and you can information it could decide to try resettle step three,100 Chipaya, and should not afford to upset the new hundreds of thousands of Aymara Indians of the annexing elements of the homes on the Chipaya.

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