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Hummingbot Price, Arbitrage, HBOT Chart and HBOT Market Cap


Together we share a core mission to bring liquidity to the crypto economy using advanced technology. As a unit, Liquid and Hummingbot are bringing this space a step closer towards democratizing finance and providing deep LTC liquidity for crypto traders. It’s hard, and sometimes really painful to watch how crypto assets fall before your eyes, but this does not mean that you should fall along with them. When you run strategies on multiple exchanges, there may be instances where you need to utilize an exchange rate to convert between assets. ○ Returns on-chain activity for a given address in a certain trading pair on a DEX.

How to Add & Remove Liquidity on Pancakeswap in 2023? – Captain Altcoin

How to Add & Remove Liquidity on Pancakeswap in 2023?.

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Like I mentioned before, with version 0.34 you don’t have to worry anymore about adding the trading costs to your min_profitability. What is important to notice here is that, different from the trading fees, the transaction cost will be the same no matter what the order size is. Let’s assume for this example that, in the worst-case scenario, our arbitrage transactions will use four different pools to execute the swap, for a total of 450k gas spent. If you trade 1 ETH in total, you will pay 0.003 ETH in trading fees.

Why use Hummingbot?

After that, the team pivoted and strived to create a reliable, robust, and performant trading bot to trade in every exchange, and that’s the start of Hummingbot. Currently, any developer interested can join the team and improve the Hummingbot source code. ○ Enable a wallet that has provided volume and liquidity to a certain DEX to request compensation from the reward pool. This alerts the record oracle to start indexing transactions on this address and recording any liquidity activity. For example, while Uniswap uses one liquidity pool for each trading pair, Balancer might jump through different liquidity pools to conclude the trade with the lowest slippage. Since each pool can have different prices at the moment you send the transaction.

Hummingbot has a large community of developers spread all over the world. Currently, they have over 8000 active members and it’s increasing pretty rapidly. There are 72 major GitHub contributors that form the backbone of the open-source code. You can utilize these pre-built trading strategies to configure your own Hummingbot protocol without too much hassle. However, if you want to have a fully customizable bot, you’ll need significant coding experience. Because of it’s open source nature, it’s also very easy to customize and add extra features based on your needs and wants.

Best Crypto Signals (Telegram & Discord) – Are Crypto Groups Worth It? successfully completed development of a connector to Hummingbot crypto trading software. Since this time LATOKEN is among 10% of crypto exchanges allowing users to trade with Hummingbot high-frequency trading strategies such as market making and arbitrage. With LATOKEN connected to Hummingbot API both individual traders and financial institutions may leverage Hummingbot trading bots to enhance their trading experience. Hummingbot’s main value proposition is enabling users to run high-frequency trading bots on various cryptocurrency exchanges without having to build and maintain low-level API integrations. Connectors maintain persistent WebSocket or REST API connections to exchanges, allowing users to run automated trading strategies that execute quickly, performant, and efficiently. You can use Hummingbot to build any type of automated crypto asset trading bot; however, the most popular bot kinds are market-making and arbitrage bots.


Please do share your experience or feedback on hummingbot arbitrage HummingBot at XDCDev. Let’s start with easy to setup HummingBot XDC Liquidity mining steps. The team at only recommends products and services that we would use ourselves and that we believe will provide value to our readers. Affiliate partners cannot pay CaptainAltcoin to guarantee favorable review or higher ratings on the website. Torsten Hartmann has been an editor in the CaptainAltcoin team since August 2017.

However, that’s not the only feature that’s available for hummingbot arbitrage users. Currently, it has become a trading engine that’s capable of executing transactions within the parameters set out by the user. Because of the automation, Hummingbot helps eliminate some of the technical complexities related to transacting with centralized and decentralized exchanges. The hummingbot protocol utilizes modular architecture to write exchange connectors and run trading strategies independently from each other. Currently, there are 14 pre-built protocol and exchange connectors available in Hummingbot that link it with trusted exchanges such as Binance, Kraken, and Coinbase.

The term market maker refers to a firm or individual who actively quotes two-sided markets in a particular security, providing bids and offers along with the market size of each. Market makers provide liquidity and depth to markets and profit from the difference in the bid-ask spread. They may also make trades for their own accounts, which are known as principal trades.

While Hummingbot is a general toolbox that can be used to build any trading bot, we focus on market-making and arbitrage bots because using those strategies benefits our exchange and protocol partners. Hummingbot is the leading open-source crypto trading bot with connectors to 30+ exchanges and a 16k-strong global community of developers and traders. With the release of version 0.33, we added a new decentralized exchange connector and a new strategy called amm-arb that allow our users to execute arbitrage trades on blockchain protocols. Our focus on ease of use, simple UI/UX, and customer facing features enables even complete newbies to utilize the power of automated trading bots and reap all the trading profits! Heck even intermediate traders will still get a lot of use out of our standard and specialized bots. Hummingbot, a California-based open-source DeFi market-making software platform, launched a 12-week liquidity mining campaign for XDC on prominent crypto exchanges — and KuCoin.

Investments – Automated market-making for fiat currencies –

Investments – Automated market-making for fiat currencies.

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While on the COB side the order will be immediately executed, on the AMM side the transaction will take more or less time, depending on the gas price you want to pay. For the Ethereum blockchain, a site like ETH Gas Station can help you estimate the ideal gas price you should use for your transactions, based on the average speed of past blockchain interactions. The company that created Hummingbot, CoinAlpha provides liquidity solutions to exchanges, protocols, trading firms, and other institutions. Integrate Telegram can be used to allow your Hummingbot trading bot to give you updates via telegram. You can also issue commands to the trading bot via Telegram using any device. These features are available for free because Hummingbot is an open source platform that’s freely used and freely distributed.

The two token pairs — XDC/USDT and XDC/ETH, are supported as the eligible entries of this XDC-based campaign. Users can participate in this campaign by setting up an automatic XDC trading bot with KuCoin or trading account. An algorithmic trading strategy, also known as a “bot,” is an automated process that creates/cancels orders, executes trades, and manages positions on crypto asset exchanges. A strategy, like a computer program, enables traders to adapt to market conditions in an automatic and continuous manner. Hummingbot is an open-source client-side framework that helps you build, manage, and run automated trading strategies, or bots.

Trading strategy configuration and trade execution for cross-exchange market making, pure market making and arbitrage. From past versions of Hummingbot, it uses CoinGecko and CoinCap public APIs to fetch asset prices. However, this dependency caused issues for users when those APIs were unavailable. Therefore, starting on version 0.28.0, Hummingbot uses exchange order books to perform necessary conversions rather than data feeds. While running this strategy, min_profitability excludes the transaction fees when calculating profitability from your chosen exchanges.

  • The concept behind Hummingbot was pioneered by Yingdan Liang who believed smart contracts would be the future of transactions.
  • Operate a bot that provides liquidity to order books by maintaining buy and sell orders.
  • Since each pool can have different prices at the moment you send the transaction.
  • Once entered, the program will carry out the command if valid, and will update the UI with relevant information.
  • This will create an escrow contract on the human protocol of the particular liquidity campaign.
  • However, not all traders are able to execute their strategy due to the emotional stress of trading and holding on to losses.

Opportunity to grow profits through crypto market making and arbitrage strategies comes together with risks. Hummingbot is open source software that helps you build and run high-frequency market making bots. By running Hummingbot, you can participate in Liquidity Mining and earn token rewards by providing liquidity to your favorite tokens and exchanges. There are several features that make Hummingbot’s trading bot protocol worth your attention, especially for smaller exchanges.

Hummingbot cryptocurrency market making bots and arbitrage bots could be an efficient way to conduct algorithmic intraday trading on LATOKEN cryptocurrency exchange. The Humming Human project utilizes the HUMAN Protocol Recording Oracle layer to allow anyone to earn tokens for providing volume and or liquidity to given platforms. While the Recording Oracle operates off-chain, it will feed its information to power on-chain smart contracts. The project will result in the creation of decentralized reward pools. This strategy monitor prices in two different trading pairs and executes offsetting buy and sell orders in both markets.

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