26 Marzo 2020

MANAGEMENT YOGI: PMP Live Lessons PMBOK 6th Edition + Agile Practice Guide Guaranteed Pass or Your Money Back

Unofficially, until recently, you really couldn’t pass the PMP exam without either reading the PMBOK Guide or using a test prep resource to summarize it for you. It is now officially the 7th edition used as a reference to create and validate exam questions. You should know that the importance of the PMBOK Guide overall to the exam is widely misunderstood and usually overemphasized (see #2). Once you sit and pass the PMP certification exam, you must earn 60 PMP PDUs every three years to renew your PMP certification. Otherwise, if your certification expires, you may need to retake the PMP certification exam.

  • Thanks to Matthew Oles who offered this suggestion months ago.
  • Focus on your trouble spots, spend time on them, and be sure to revise your study plan at least five or six times.
  • The formula-based questions are about more than calculating a median or an earned value.
  • And in his book, Jeff gives you the list of these and an approach of how to make learning these more fun.
  • The quality of your training experience will depend on the extent to which the trainer can bring the ideas to life for you.

As a matter of fact, the PMP exam is the top project management certification in the world presently. It details on hours of learning, number of videos and practice questions, along with smart cards. You can scroll in the embedded frame, to see the content. I hope these blog posts will help you in your PMP exam preparation. Usually, I publish a few posts per month, so keep checking back here. If you are having difficulty understanding any concepts or want me to write about a certain topic, you can send me an email at, and I will do my best to address your concerns.

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Project managers should know the content in terms of the PMBOK® Guide 7th Edition vs 6th Edition, not pick one version and ignore the other. The Project Management Professional ® certification is one of the most coveted project management certifications in the world, boasting over a million certified members across the globe. The PMP is the perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge, combined with skills drawn from a number of guides. These include the PMBOK7, an agile practice guide and a number of other books and guides that I will refer to in this article.

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Support organizational changeHere too, I like this a lot. I have long been a vocal proponent of integrating project management and change management into one discipline – of which the two labels represent ends of a continuous spectrum of capabilities. So, the new PMP Certification will be a highly-regarded professional qualification, all over the world.


Most importantly, the PMP credential proves that qualified professionals could easily highlight the interplay between projects and the organization’s strategy. The Project Management Professional or PMP certification is a globally recognized credential in the domain of project management. According to research,employers would come across the need to fill up 2.2 million new project-oriented roles annually till 2027. Therefore, you can notice the prolific demand for project managers. A significant difference for the new exam is a change from five performance domains to just three domains. Those domains will include People, making up 42% of questions, Process with 50% of questions, and Business Environment at 8% of questions.

A PMP Certification 2021 PMBOK 6 (Beginning) Lessons of experts presents you with 200 hundred questions, detailed answers, and explanations. In addition, each question is accompanied by cross-references, providing you with a thorough preparation foundation for taking the PMP® exam. PMBOK Guide, 6th Edition changes compared to PMBOK 5th Edition – 5 project management processes added, moved, or removed, 9 processes updated, alignment with… PMI does not ask for any documentation or other evidence at the time of application. You need to report your project management experience to PMI as part of your application.

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This exam has been designed to objectively assess and measure project management knowledge. Last but not the least, PMP training in project management which is aligned to the PMBOK Guide plays a vital role in passing the PMP certification exam. The project management plan is the document that describes how the project will be executed, monitored & controlled, and closed. Now, you can see all of them in this extensive 17-page study guide that details everything that is in the Project Management Plan. Fully-aligned with the PMBOK® Guide, 6th edition, these questions cover all elements of the brand-new Project Management Professional exam.


These online training courses tend to be less expensive than in-person workshops. Do plenty ofF comparison shopping and read testimonials before you commit to one. Use this to your advantage and make the guide the roadmap for your studies. Plan to study one knowledge area of the PMBOK® Guide every week. Begin with the guide itself and then move on to other study material.

How Do I Maintain My PMP Certification? A Tutorial on PDUs

The ECO specifies the topics that should be covered on the exam, as well as the percentage of exam questions that should pertain to each domain. You should read and study the PMBOK Guide 7th edition—rather than the 6th— to prepare for the exam. It is the PMP certification exam fee when you appear for the PMP certification exam for the 2nd or 3rd time.

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  • These days, many organizations prefer project managers who are PMP certified for managing their projects.
  • It would be best if you, therefore, practiced in the most realistic fashion possible.
  • To provide you with the most current exam preparation materials, RMC has analyzed the Exam Content Outline.
  • Based on the reviews and comments, PMI will be working on the development of PMBOK 7th Edition.
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