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Missy referenced the new Twelfth Physician’s “residential bliss” to your Darillium, stating getting been aware of they on Daleks

Missy referenced the new Twelfth Physician’s “residential bliss” to your Darillium, stating getting been aware of they on Daleks

Inside Siege from Trenzalore, Tasha Lem noted just how among the many Silence’s attempts to keep your doctor away from interacting with Trenzalore were to professional a good psychopath so you’re able to eliminate your. Your physician advised Tasha the guy never could have made it to Trenzalore rather than River’s assist historically, and you will realised that Silence’s operate to quit him from getting Trenzalore, provided him truth be told there. (TV: The time of one’s Doc)

After its evening to the Darillium, the latest Twelfth Doc was significantly impacted by River’s death and you can “glued” Nardole’s return towards thus he would not be by yourself without the woman. Nardole afterwards advised Give and you can Lucy Fletcher throughout the River as well as how this lady passing got impacted on the Doc, but Nardole promised them he would make sure your medical professional are all right. (TV: New Get back out of Doc Mysterio)

When she expected what happened while the Doc don’t respond to, she provided him the girl condolences. Later on, Nardole recommended your physician to store Missy because of the taking your River’s journal and you may quoting from it. (TV: Extremis)

The newest Twelfth Ded photograph regarding Lake on the his dining table in the data into the years he invested once the a lecturer from the St Luke’s College or university, as well as an image of their granddaughter Susan Foreman. (TV: The Pilot)

During the their following regeneration, the brand new Twelfth De-, close to most other present friends. (TV: Your doctor Drops) He afterwards frequent this lady oft-verbal words, “Spoilers”, within the discussion with Archibald Hamish Lethbridge-Stewart. (TV: Twice Upon a period) Their wedding ring, that your 12th Doctor wore, fell for the TARDIS flooring upon their regeneration, (PROSE: Twice Upon a time) destroyed just like the system area then erupted, additionally the Thirteenth Doc decrease in order to World. (TV: Twice Through to a period)

Brand new Curator, a retired incarnation of your own Doctor, remembered Teacher Lake Track fondly just like the a good “great girl”. (AUDIO: Destroyed Possessions)

A period of time Lord writer learnt from Lake along with her book conception when you’re doing lookup to have his publication and briefly considered that she could have been the fresh Hybrid off Gallifreyan legend however, eventually overlooked the idea once the the lady facts failed to match the fresh prophecy. (PROSE: The real history of time Lords)

River’s interviewing the 10th Doc from inside the England during the 1562 was recounted of the Doctor regarding the Doc Papers, that happen to be published given that a work out-of “fiction”. A comparable records along with cited Doctor Exactly who additionally the Quiet within the The Library just like the containing a free account of the situations from the Collection. (PROSE: Your day of one’s Doc)

Alternative timelines [ ]

A beneficial Dalek continuity bomb revealed on 10th, Eleventh and you may 12th Physicians a new schedule in which Lake refused to eliminate the Doc at the Lake Silencio and unlike choosing to save your self facts, the latest Eleventh Doc and River resided just like the husband and wife, thus condemning the latest universe. (COMIC: Four Medical professionals)

In another type of schedule created by the fresh new Discordia, your physician and Lake know each other given that his first incarnation and you can were married from the his last incarnation. The Next Doc admitted he enjoyed Lake dearly and you can feared shedding her if timeline is actually abolished, but River assured your they’d see once again. (AUDIO: Anyone We Immediately after Know)

Identification [ ]

Lake Track is quite strong-willed; though brainwashed and you may elevated in order to destroy him, she decided your medical professional is “worthwhile” and you can protected his lives, stopping all of the the lady regenerations to take action. (TV: Let us Kill Hitler) She resisted the newest up-to-date astronaut suit and you may refused to destroy your, heedless of consequences. (TV: The marriage regarding River Track)

River is actually flirtatious and you may cheeky such as for instance the girl mommy, Amy. Such as for instance their dad, Rory, she was stubborn, in charge and you can fiercely compassionate. She appreciated exposing towards Doc. She teased him and you can enjoyed by using the phrase “spoilers” whenever the subject turned to brand new Physician’s upcoming. So it first started when the Doctor assigned her to help you file their activities about TARDIS record. She used the term on the Doctor. The guy, not, used the phrase which have Donna ahead of the guy found River, setting up that not only he don’t know they away from her, the guy foreshadowed the girl stating they to him as he fulfilled her. (TV: Quiet throughout the Library, HOMEVID: Past) She remaining the girl diary of him (TV: Silence on Library/Forest of Lifeless) and you may hid one to their death at the River Silencio try a hoax of folk but the woman moms and dads, waiting before go out are right to confide the real destiny of dil mil-coupons your Doctor, in the place of altering the course out-of a predetermined point in time. River went along to Amy and you can Rory after they realized you to definitely she is their child. (TV: The marriage from Lake Song) As she neared Darillium in addition to their activities was indeed arriving at an stop, Lake asked a family doctor openly for her future, saying that she know he had been the kind of son who will give this lady a journal toward proper amount off profiles on her have fun with, for this reason understanding if it was almost full, their adventures have been from the an-end. (TV: The newest Husbands from Lake Song)

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