12 Marzo 2023

Whenever men and you can a lady have sex ahead of relationships

Whenever men and you can a lady have sex ahead of relationships

…having sex additional relationship, the fresh new Bible connection it a sin, given that gender additional marriage is a great sin. You don’t need to make love additional relationship, you must enter into wedding ahead of knowing what gender is actually everything about (R11, ADEZF female teenage)

.. this new pride of the lady had been missing. The man will find the lady as the a second hand otherwise “Belgium” (used procedure) or something like that (R5, ADEZM, male adolescent).

Everything i understand is the fact it’s so unlawful it is perhaps not a good idea whilst causes the damage into the future. Whatsoever, when your people at some point will get expecting she not any longer continues on which have their knowledge (R3, ADIKF, women teenage).

Consequences regarding pre-marital intercourse outlined from the respondents include loss of virginity, likelihood of employing intimately carried problems, undesirable pregnancy, dumping of your woman of the male in charge whenever maternity happens, losing out of school by the pregnant woman, the possibility of the expecting girl seeking an abortion, and you can educational distraction to possess kids and you can disgrace having relatives. Illustrative rates are supplied below.

What i think about boys and girls sex in advance of matrimony is that if you begin making love with a man and you will you aren’t married to your the latest guy gets your expecting and you can remove you (R4, ADEZF, female adolescent).

I do believe they have not identified what they’re in that college to possess, for the reason that it sex can make them not quick and they will be unable to concentrate on any example happening. (R4, ADEZM, men teenage).

I think he could be destroying their family visualize. When men captures them inside an uncompleted building, the individual you are going to mention their identity these persons are doing this type of worst, after that, it ily (R11, ADEZM, male respondent).

It (pre-marital sex) contributes to the destruction into the future as if the person fundamentally becomes expecting she not continues together with her studies (R3, ADIKF, female teenage)

Its opinions was you to definitely pre-relationship gender resulting in pregnancy permits a prospective spouse to find out that woman is fecund. In particular, it was reported that among specific communities from the almost every other Nigerian Says, pre-relationship gender is actually culturally appropriate and a girl is anticipated to features a young child ahead of matrimony to ensure that this woman is fecund. The following are supportive estimates.

Everything i envision is the fact until the wedding often keep, they want to have a kid (R2, ADIKM, male respondent)

…some people used to claim that you should has intercourse just before matrimony because the adopting the matrimony they could not have students. (R3, ADEZM, male adolescent).

Other explanations considering primarily by men respondents for endurance regarding pre-marital gender stem from brand new myth one to pre-relationship intercourse grows the newest cervix making sure that child birth doesn’t be difficult. The newest participants then described you to as opposed to exposure to pre-marital sex, that cannot delight in sex when hitched and can experience distress throughout the sexual activity. Also, that any particular one who don’t do pre-marital sex cannot know how to have sex in-marriage and therefore in the event the boys do not have pre-relationship intercourse when they get older they feel reproductive difficulties. According to certain male participants;

It is good to have sexual intercourse particularly the lady. It assists the fresh new women’s cervix to enhance plus it suppress challenge into the childbearing (R9, ADAFM, men adolescent).

Support to have pre-marital gender is actually indicated primarily by the a number of the men participants

The thing i envision would be the fact, if they expand without having intercourse, when they marry they don’t can make love along (R5, ADIKM, male teenage)

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